Today’s Workout – Recovery Run

Total Mileage: 7.01 miles

Total Time: 01:06:45

Average Pace: 9:30 min/pace

IMG 1138

This run was pretty good but my legs didn’t really get into it until mile 5.  I ended up pushing my planned 6 mile run out one extra mile because I was feeling good. 

IMG 1143

I have decided that I am an odd person because I have figured out that I actually enjoy the mental toughness that the treadmill adds to my run. Yes, runs can be so much easier outdoors but I really like challenging myself sometimes.

Tonight’s post is going to be on something I really haven’t talked much about on this blog – food.

If you haven’t learned yet I will just go ahead and get it out there, I am an awful cook. Ok, maybe I am not awful but I just don’t have the talent for whipping up awesome recipes.  My poor husband gets the most bland meals known to man.

On that note, this weekend as my husband and I were beginning to try to eat more at home to save some money and eat healthier I did find two recipes that actually turned out nicely!

The first was this recipe I found on pinterest for low calorie low carb pizza. There is something about Saturday nights that just make the hubby and I crave pizza sometimes, but we know that adding a 400 calories slice of pizza to our night at 10:00 pm is not the best decision.

Low Calorie/Low Carb Cheese Pizza

– 1 Flat Out Light Original Flatbread
– 2 tbspns of your favorite sugar free pizza sauce (note: we could not find sugar free, but we found a low calorie sauce)
-1/4 cup shredded cheese (note: I used Kraft Fat Free Cheddar and Mozzarella and used about 1/2 a cup)

-Lay out flatbread
-Add on pizza sauce and cheese
-Bake at 400 degrees for just a few minutes or until cheese is bubbling or edges are crispy.

IMG 1105

The second recipe I tried was last night. I wanted something to crave my sweet tooth, so I found this awesome recipe on pinterest as well for a Low Calorie Oreo and Cream Smoothie. I changed it up a bit and added some of my delicious Cookies and Cream protein powder to add a little something extra.

Low Calorie Oreo and Cream Protein Smoothie

-1 cup non-fat milk (I used almond milk)
-1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
-6 tsp. Jello Oreo Cookies and Cream Instant Pudding
-1/2 tsp stevia, to taste
-1 cup ice
-1 tbspn Cookies and Creme Protein Powder

-In a blender and all ingredients and process until smooth.

IMG 1134

Both recipes turned out great and we have already had the pizza twice now.  

Following along with this food focused post, here is what my lunch consisted of today.  

IMG 1137

Whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce.  It is a plain lunch but it helps to get me ready when I have to run after work and gives me just the perfect amount of carbs I need.  I also had a small piece of a protein bar which I didn’t have a picture of.

What is your favorite food or recipe?

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