Today’s Workout – Easy Run

Total Mileage: 5.05 miles

Total Time: 00:49:10

Average Pace: 9:40 min/pace

IMG 1069

Today’s run should be titled “The Run That Almost Didn’t Happen.”  Without going into too much detail this week is crazy stressful personally.  I got off work and I wanted to just about anything BUT run. I had an easy 5 miles on the schedule and I turned right around and came home after work.

Thankfully we have a treadmill at home because all I could think is “you have no excuse.”

So I ran. I ran through my problems, through my stress, I just ran.

IMG 1071

Training for a marathon is hard work. You have to stay motivated and focus each day you got out for a run.  Yes, some days are easy and some days are harder workouts but every single workout is important. 

IMG 1072


You don’t always look this happy before, but it never fails to help me immensely after the fact. Running is a drug.


The hard workouts are important for hitting the speed, and the easy workouts are important for focusing form and food striking.   


The biggest thing I have learned from training so far is to focus on the little things.   


1. Stretching – you have already heard me say many times that you have to pay attention to stretching, especially after you run.  It is always good to stretch and warm up ahead of time but the most important stretching comes after you are done. 


IMG 1012


2. Form Drills – I never understood the importance until now of form drills.  I didn’t realize how bad my form was and how much it impacts how well or how hard my run can be.  The worse your form the harder it is for your body to work. You will make your running so much easier if you just focus on your form. 


3. Hydration – I learned recently that hydration doesn’t just mean drinking plenty of water. One of the things I have to focus on is to make sure that at least one of my pre-workout drinks contains electrolytes or sodium.  This makes a huge difference in keeping me hydrated while running. If possible, I also make sure to carry some along with me. 


4. Fuel – I work in a job that doesn’t always allow me the exact same eating schedule.  I have to make sure that when I do eat, I am eating things that will properly fuel me for my workouts.  At lunch I eat some kind of carb. I am careful to watch to not go crazy, but my body needs carbs to make it through my later day runs.

What has running taught you?


Any goals for the week? 

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