Today’s Workout – Saturday Long Run

Total Mileage: 13.2 miles

Total Time: 02:08:49

Average Pace: 9:45 min/pace

When the husband and I woke up this morning it was pretty overcast.  We had a few thunderstorms that thankfully brought in a bit cooler weather for the weekend.  We had talked back and forth about if taking the risk of getting rained on and running outside or running inside on the treadmill.

We finally made the decision to head down to a local state park to run.  Thankfully we didn’t get rained on and the weather turned out very nice.

It’s a beautiful park and has some nice views of Lake Erie.  The only problem with running down there is we have done it so many times we know exactly where ever mile marker is.  The trail itself is one big loop so after you do it so many times it gets very boring.

IMG 1049

The first 5-6 miles were good. I kept a pretty steady pace, but it felt like the miles were going by so slowly.

I hit mile 7 and I started getting attacked by a bunch of horse flys.  I don’t know why they were all over me all of the sudden.  I felt one bite me through my sock and just to make sure it wasn’t in my sock I had to stop and take it off.  I also was attempting to fix my hair and my hair band broke. 🙁

IMG 1050

RIP my brand new hair band.  

I tried to put this out of my mind and continue on.  I noticed at this point I had forgotten to stop my watch so my total time for the run would be a bit off.

I focused on keeping the first 12 miles (since that was what my workout was) under 9:30.  The last 1.2 miles were slow and easy and I used them as a cool down.

IMG 1047

I am pretty pleased with this run. I pushed myself on the 12 miles to speed it up from my last run, and I managed to add an extra mile or so in.  I won’t be running out there again anytime soon, but it’s nice to do every once in a while.

IMG 1046

I don’t know why I look crazy pale in this picture!?

Have you ever dealt with horse flys on a run?

What was your workout for today?

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