After yesterday’s pretty awesome yet tough tempo workout it was time for another easy recovery day. About halfway through today I texted my husband to see if he would run with me later tonight.  There are two reasons I wanted to do this.

1. I need a break from the treadmill


2. I didn’t want to die in the heat


I thought a nice evening run would be perfect, and since my husband seems to like evening runs I am looking forward to it. I will post my workout on the workout log page tonight once complete.


I thought I would talk about something very important to me when you spend a lot of your time running alone – music.  Music is so important to me when I am running alone.  If I reach a tough point in my workout I always will find the most upbeat song or motivational song I can and just blast it.   


IMG 1031


I thought I would share with you all some of my current favorite running songs. 


1. “Let It Roll” – Flo Rida 


2. “We Can’t Stop” – Miley Cyrus 


3. “Bring Em Out” – T.I. 


4. “The Other Side” – Jason Derulo 


5. “Wild In Your Smile” – Dustin Lynch 


6. “We Own It” – 2 Chainz ft. Wiz Khalifa 


7. “Blurred Lines” – T.I. ft. Pharrell 


8. “Highway Don’t Care” – Tim McGraw ft. Taylor Swift 


9. “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” – Randy Houser 


10. “Cruise” (Remix) – Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly 


I have a play list currently of about 30 songs that I use for running, so of course there are many more.  I use some of the songs when I need to just sprint it out and some when I am just cruising along.  Music can certainly help keep me motivated and focused during a run. 


I will leave you with a little upbeat quote that really made me happy this morning.


IMG 1030


What are some of your favorite running or workout songs? 



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