Today’s Workout:

Total Mileage: 12.05 miles

Total Time: 01.55:51

I needed to get a longish run in today since I didn’t do one last week. In reality, I didn’t NEED to but I wanted to.

1. I mapped out a new course. I knew there was no way in hell I was running the course from 2 weeks ago again.

2. I decided to revert back to my Garmin instead of using my phone. I just didn’t feel like carrying the iPhone today, so I wrote down directions to carry with me so I wouldn’t get lost.

IMG 0945

3. I started slow and tried to make it a point to RELAX. Every time I would feel myself stressing or my mind going everywhere I would make it a point to slow down and try to clear my head.

IMG 0949

4. I probably averaged somewhere around a 9:20-9:30 pace. I am pretty happy with that.

IMG 0951

5. It is time for some major stretching. My calves have been so right mainly because I know I haven’t been paying attention like I should. I wore my compression socks today so that it would help some, but nothing replaces good stretching! Time for some foam rolling!

IMG 0946

Have a great Sunday!

Do you wear your garmin like a normal watch or turned over?

IMG 0952

This may be an odd question but I’ve found if I turn it over I look at it a lot less and it makes the time pass quicker.

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