Today’s Workout – Easy Recovery 


Total Miles: 4 miles


Total Time: 00:40:02


Average Pace: 10:00 min/pace


After 23 miles in 2 days it was time for an easy recovery day today.  I didn’t have a pace to keep, just 4 easy miles to keep my legs moving. 


It has been really hot here lately, so I have noticed I have to focus on keeping my pace down on recovery days.  The heat makes it harder and I often find myself rushing through the workout. 


This afternoon I opted to run the 4 miles on my home treadmill. I don’t use it often, but it sounded a lot better than going outside and running my easy run in 95 degree heat. 

IMG 1021


One of the main things I noticed I did incorrectly when I was training before is a majority of my runs were hard.  I rarely “took it easy” or just relaxed and ran.  This is still a struggle for me some days, but it is vital to do a good portion of your miles easy to avoid injury.  


 After I had finished running my husband let me know he was going to be taking me to dinner.  Today is actually my adoption anniversary. 27 years ago today my parents took me home and officially welcomed me into their family.  I have never known any different, and I have no problem talking about it.


We decided to go to O’Charley’s and to my surprise my husband had already made reservations (if any of you know him he doesn’t usually do reservations).  


As we rounded the corner to our table I noticed two very familiar faces. My parents had flown all the way up here from North Carolina for the night to surprise me!  They will actually be going back home tomorrow, but it was such a nice surprise!

 I don’t talk about it a whole bunch on the blog but being away from our families is pretty hard, so any time I get to spend with either mine or my husband’s family is so wonderful! We ate dinner, got some frozen yogurt, and then spent the night talking at home. It was a perfect night.

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This is actually and old picture from the day after our wedding.  I wasn’t planning on the surprise so I completely forgot to take any pictures!

I’m off to bed. Talk to you all tomorrow!

IMG 1020

I’ll leave you with this great quote.  I love this so much – it is what I keep in mind anyway without the challenge there will be no change. Just keep at it and keep focused.

Has anyone ever surprised you? When and where? 

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