My husband has always been a big fan of track workouts.  He swears they have made him a better runner.  Today when I woke up and missed by 5:00 am wake up I was determined to get a good run in. I wanted something that would really work me. 

I got to the track a little after 5:00 pm and started with a 2 lap warm up. Thankfully the weather stayed somewhat cool even though the sun came out about halfway through the day.

IMG 0822
I started with a half mile warm up and then started on the mile repeats (3 x 1600).  The goal is to run the repeats at your 5k-10k pace.  I really didn’t know what this was but based on some research I did if I can comfortably run a 9:45 then that would be put me 8:30-8:45 pace per mile repeat.

Mile Repeat #1 – 8:03 pace
Mile Repeat #2 – 7:53 pace
Mile Repeat #3 – 7:48 pace

Negative splits!!! I was actually pretty proud of myself. 

The repeats went okay. They were hard but I really felt like I was getting a good workout in the entire time. I jogged a half mile in between each repeat and ended with a half mile cool down as well.

I also got to try out my new shoes that were a surprise from the hubby. They are VERY light and are perfect for track workouts! I was really impressed with them, but I usually like to give new shoes several good runs in them before I pass judgement 🙂 

IMG 0821
I will be the first to admit I was scared going into this workout not sure how my body would handle it.  At the end I was tired but felt good and glad of what I had accomplished.  I will make a point to add these in at least once a week after I get back from my vacation. (Oh yeah….I am only 6 days away from a wonderful beach vacation for my brothers wedding!!!!) 

IMG 0824
Off to get to organizing for this vacation ahead. 

Am I the only one out there that doesn’t like to leave for a vacation without the house being spotless?

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