I really enjoyed having a full weekend off before my vacation. Typically they always seem to find a way to work me the Saturday before, but thankfully things worked out in my favor this time.

I have one more day of work tomorrow and then I am done for a little over a week! We are heading back down to North Carolina Wednesday to celebrate my brothers wedding next week. I am so excited to see my family and have some relaxing time on the beach!

This weekend I had 2 “long” runs scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. I really didn’t have a set distance to accomplish but was aiming for anywhere between 10-12 each day. The only reason I wanted to get two in was due to my vacation coming up and while I do still plan to run while on vacation I didn’t want to have the pressure of a long run.

1. Saturday’s Run

I decided I would re-do the course I tried to do last weekend when I had the horrid winds.  I wanted to try the course out when I wasn’t fighting the wind quite so bad.

I ended up running 12 miles.  It was HOT.  I thought it was the worst run ever, but little did I know that run would actually be on Sunday.

IMG 0847

I stopped about 5-6 times throughout the course because I was so warm.  I haven’t quite gotten used to the warm weather because it has taken so much longer to get to us this year in Erie. This is the first hot weekend we have had. 

It was a slow, long run and I finally decided to go the entire way even though I considered cutting it at 10. 

I forgot how tough the hills were on the course and I probably won’t be doing this one again anytime soon.  If this had been a shorter run it might have been a decent course, but when my legs are zapped 5 miles in due to the hills it is not a good sign.

IMG 0846

Don’t let the smile fool you – I was exhausted. I was just so happy to have it complete.

2. Sunday’s Run

I thought Saturday was the worst run of my life, but boy was I wrong. We started the run around 9:30 and the first couple of miles were fine.

I had my husband map me out a new course to get a different view.

Around mile 4 my body temperature was already through the roof.  Then the hills started to kick in.  On the internet when I looked at the course it seemed pretty flat, and compared to yesterday it probably was.  I felt like 80% of the run was a gradual uphill with every little downhills EVER. 

IMG 0850

I probably stopped a good 10-12 times on this run and really felt awful.

IMG 0851

It is hard to see in this picture, but this was the last road before I turned to head to the finish. This hill was AWFUL.

I ended up running about 10.5 miles, stopped to walk up a really long hill, and then finished the final 0.5 miles out in the parking lot where I parked my car for a total of 11 miles.

IMG 0852

This is one run that I really just want to forget about. I am trying not to dwell on this run or Saturday’s run or i’m afraid I may never run again.

I did learn two important lessons for this weekend.

1. All runs need to be started by 6:30-7:00 this week to avoid the crazy heat.

2. Some days you just have to learn when your body has had enough.

I am off to spend the rest of the evening doing laundry, packing, and resting.

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