Morning Workout:

Total Mileage: 8.43 miles

Total Time: 1:19:32

Average Pace: 9:26 min/mile

IMG 0868

The run overall was okay. It wasn’t sunny yet but due to a small rain storm last night it was pretty hot a humid. The first 3-4 miles were a gradual uphill then after that it leveled out and went downhill. I just had to keep telling myself that the downhill was coming.

IMG 0867

That picture pretty accurately describes how I felt.  It wasn’t an awful run but I am pretty worn out.

I got up early again around 6:15 to get the run started. I am getting ready to take the husband to take a big medical school test (keep him in your thoughts/prayers!) and then back to finish packing and getting things ready to head to North Carolina!

We are heading down for about  a week to celebrate my brothers wedding.  I have a couple posts lined up (including finally a full review of ThisFitChick’s Slim, Strong, and Sexy Plan) while I am gone, but if you really want to keep up with me you can follow me on Instagram and twitter where I will be updating pretty often!

Have a great Wednesday! I will keep you posted!

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