Another long run in the books. I really don’t know what is going on. I DO know that the joy of running is coming back!

I decided to do the same course I did last Sunday again, but add a little bit extra at the end to round out 11 miles.

I actually had on the plan between 8-10 miles because I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to do.

IMG 0763

Starting out it was overcast and cool.  According to the weather it was supposed to warm up and the sun would come out after an hour. That never really happened.

IMG 0765

I thought I would be cool, but I really think the cooler air helped me get through the run and not over heat like I could be doing this time of year.

IMG 0766

This is a picture I took around 9 miles, I was still smiling! I was proud of how well I was feeling. There is nothing better than getting to almost the end of a long run and still feeling pretty awesome.

One thing I did do during this run was stop off and on. If I got tired or just needed a break I didn’t push myself, I simply would stop take a breather for 10-20 seconds and then start back up again.

I have learned some very important tricks on long runs:

1. Don’t be afraid to stop. Sometimes it helps my run go better!

2. Keep it slow. Longs runs are supposed to be slow and relaxed.

3. Relax. I used to have the hardest time relaxing, but now I know that it is VITAL to having a good run.

4. Enjoy the scenery. Don’t get too caught up in the run that you forget to enjoy the beautiful nature around you.

5. Reward yourself. I cannot tell you how excited I am to take a shower, rest, and get ready for a date day with my hubby. I am going to be snacking on a lot of delicious treats 🙂

IMG 0767

There is nothing better than coming home and falling on the floor and relaxing after a long run. Time to enjoy the rest of my day!


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