Today I truly thought I had no energy for anything.  Work had been crazy, I hadn’t gotten much of a lunch, and I felt like there was nothing else I could possibly do. Then I surprised myself.

I ended up running 3.02 miles on the treadmill about an hour after I got home.

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It started off slow and I considered cutting it at 2 miles, but then I decided I felt good enough to finish and I did.

It is amazing what the body can do. Even when you think you have nothing left and there is no way that you can keep going, your body will surprise you! It can push through the worst of things and come out on top. My husband used to always tell me “you’d be surprised what your body can handle” and I never believed him even after running 2 marathons.  It wasn’t until today that I really discovered what that meant.

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I learned another important lesson over the past week or so, any exercise is good exercise.

I have always had the mind set that I HAD to run, I HAD to lift, or I HAD to workout for an hour. It was always something I had to do because that’s just how it was.

Over the past few weeks I have played around with different types of workouts: running, HIIT, biking, lifting, and even just walking.  I have found a great new enjoyment out of simply taking my sweet dog for a walk in the evenings. It is relaxing and helps to clear my mind during tough days.

Exercise is very important for your body, please don’t get me wrong. However, the majority of weight and results you will see in yourself is through diet. In fact, if you are trying to lose weight I would focus more on the diet and simply do something like walking. Exercise helps with more than just weight loss, but it has taken me a really long time to truly realize the power that your diet has on your weight and over all well being.

I just thought I would share with you all that great lesson. Stick too it and you will see results, but don’t be too hard on yourself! Exercise should be fun!

Oh, and P.S. Happy early 30th birthday to my big brother! He won’t see this, but still – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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