I have to say I had an amazing weekend.  We didn’t even do that much but I had the best time just relaxing.

I did get in two pretty great workouts.

Saturday – we got up and I decided it was a great day for biking with the husband.  We went down to a local park for the run/ride and were expecting warm, sunny, and sweaty. Instead I ended up getting cool, windy, and freezing.  I toughed it out and ended up doing a 15 mile bike ride along side Wes as he ran.

IMG 0667

This was me pre-workout waiting on Wes to head out.

IMG 0668

Ready to run!

IMG 0669

Even though it was cold and rainy it sure was pretty and peaceful by the water!

We then headed over to the gym where I did some weights and ran about a mile cool down. It actually wasn’t much of a cool down – I ended up starting at a 10:00 pace and then slowly speeding it up for a total of 10 minutes.

Sunday – I broke my workout up into several parts.

1. I started with a run to the gym.  I finally got my warm, sunny, and sweaty day so I decided it was time to get outside. I ended up running a total of 6.03 miles to the gym. I got to the gym and my new app on my iPhone RunTracker said I had run 5.7 miles so I kept running to round it out to 6.

IMG 0676

I was HOT HOT HOT by the time I finished the run so I went inside and walked around the track.

2. After I had cooled down I did Carrie’s weight workout for me today with the Slim, Strong, and Sexy Plan. I can’t believe I am just a few short weeks from completing it!

IMG 0677

3. My husband was going to be picking me up from the gym after he finished his run so while I was waiting I just started running back towards my house. I ended up doing another 1.4 miles before he found me. 

My total running ended up at 7.4 miles. Pretty good!

After last weekend being a little weak on the workouts I was proud of getting two good workouts in. I focused on getting them done early and staying motivated.  I have noticed the longer that I wait to get going the harder it is to motivate myself. This morning I woke up, took the pup out, put a few things in the wash and stepped out the door to start my run. I didn’t think about it or even talk about I just did it.

We mentally defeat ourselves all the time. I know I for one am very guilty of it. Don’t think about it – just do it!

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