As soon as I got out of work today I hopped right on the treadmill and started running. I knew that if I waited any longer that I would never do my workout and my energy was already waining.  

I knew that there wasn’t at weight workout today but I needed to get something in.

I ended up doing 3.1 miles on the treadmill in just over 31 minutes.

IMG 0633

I had to go to a training for half the day and was on the complete opposite side of the city from the gym so ended up just heading home to run on the treadmill we have there.

After several years of marathon running and now running here and there I have learned a trick or two to running on the treadmill. There were times when I was marathon training that I would actually run 18 miles on the treadmill. 

Here are some tricks to get you through a treadmill run:

1. Music. I always use music when running because it can get your mind off the monotony.

2. TV. If possible put on the TV (I do this at the gym). Most of the time I am not even listening to it but it gives me something to watch and not look at the time passing by.

3. Cover up time and distance.  If you don’t have a TV take a towel and cover up the time and distance #’s. This will help it go quicker and you won’t be stuck staring at the minutes as they go by.

4. Set small goals. I break up all my treadmill runs into 6 minutes. I tell myself “get to 6 minutes” then when I reach it “get to 12” and so on until I reach my goal for the day. This may sound crazy but it really helps!

5. Break up your run. If I am having a tough day and I have a run on the schedule sometimes I will break it up to get through it and do something else in between. I typically on do this on my “off” days.

6. Run next to a friend. I rarely get to do this but sometimes I’ll get lucky and run next to my husband at the gym.  Even though we don’t talk often, just having someone else there can make it go my quicker.

There are days when running on the treadmill is just plain hard – but there are tricks that will help you get through it!

I love the feeling of being really sweaty when I am done with a workout, and as a plus the treadmill always seems to do it for me!

IMG 0634

Just a little sweaty aren’t I?!

Off to hang out with the hubby. Happy to finally be through hump day!

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