I hate to say it, and I honestly never though I’d say it again but running has come back into the picture.

Before you think I am out running marathon’s again let me rephrase that.  I am still following Carrie’s Slim Strong and Sexy Plan and once I am through with that I plan on continuing to learn and improve on my weight training.  I love being able to mix my workouts up every day in the gym.  I simply have started adding some running back in.

I have done it slowly, but on Monday and tonight I added 3 slow (10:00/mile pace) miles in before I started my weight training. I am not doing this every day because as I have talked about before I don’t want to tire myself out too much.

There is something about running that always brings me back in. I don’t know if its the awesome sweat and high you get from running. I don’t really know but every so often I just want to run again.  I have no desire to go long distance, but 3-6 miles is a perfect distance to still get a good sweat going and get a small “runners high.” 

I am determined to find a way to incorporate into my weight workouts as well. 

IMG 0590

As you can tell even after my weights workout was over I was a sweaty mess.

IMG 0591

I am crazy proud of myself for really sticky to my food this week. I am already slowly starting to see myself getting a bit leaner just from 3 strong days of lean and clean eating.

Wednesday evening I always have a “treat.” My husband and I decided that waiting all week for Saturday is setting both of us up to fail, so we have decided that on Wednesday nights we will allow ourselves a healthier treat.

IMG 0593

My selection this week was a spinach wrap from Wegmans with turkey, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and sweet peppers.  It was delicious and total is about 385 calories.  It is still a healthy treat but is a nice break from the food we have at home.

IMG 0592 1

On a completely random side note – Wegmans in Erie just added a wine by the glass bar! This is so exciting mostly because in PA you cannot buy wine (my favorite thing ever) in grocery stores you must go to a liquor store.  I noticed also they have one of my FAVORITE local wines in there as well – I guess we know where we may be going back to this weekend.


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