I think one of the most important thing in ANY exercise routine is switching things up.  Keeping things the same for a while is fine, but after some time most people begin to get bored. Boredom usually leads to a lack of motivation and giving in to not doing a workout.

This morning I woke up and knew that I needed to do something to switch up my workout. It was beautiful outside for the first time in a while.  I began thinking and realized from my marathon running days that our gym was only about 5-6 miles away from the house.

The husband was planning on heading down to a local park to run, so I asked him after he finished his run if he could pick me up at the gym.

I decided to use this beautiful day for a nice run outside instead of doing any running on the treadmill.

IMG 0598

See? Wasn’t it beautiful? I ended up clocking the distance on the way back and found it to be 5.5 miles away. What a GREAT start to my workout.

I got into the gym after my run and stretched for about 10 minutes. My poor knees aren’t used to running outside since it has been quite a while.

IMG 0600

I then did Carrie’s Slim, Strong, and Sexy Plan for the day, added some ab work, and ended with a cool down mile on the treadmill.

IMG 0602

I am really starting to notice changes in my body. I have figure out what works for me food wise and I think this has made all the difference in causing the changes I want to see.

Workout plans are great, but in my opinion sometimes they are made to be altered. It is always important to do what makes you feel motivated and happy. I already had the plan of doing weights today, but I knew with this beautiful day and my first weekend off in quite a while it was important to add SOMETHING outside.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

What is your favorite workout?


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