Good morning!

Today has been a GREAT day off so far and there is still so much time left in the day!

I knew that I had some appointments this afternoon so I made sure to get in my workouts early before I lost energy and motivation.

I started with a 4 mile run this morning at 8:00 am before it got SUPER hot. I know who is this girl that keeps running!? I am keeping it short so far but I honestly can say that I’m enjoying it a bit more now. Maybe it’s because I am not training for a marathon or anything crazy?

IMG 0716

One great thing about being a competitive marathon runner’s wife is you can usually work in some of your workouts along with his.  A couple hours later we packed up the bike and headed to the local track to help him with some interval training.

IMG 0718

I feel like such a coach when I do this. If only I was that good 🙂  

That person in the back is Wes – the best I could do when I was trying to take the pictures.

IMG 0719

It was a beautiful day but boy was it HOT!

He completed 7 x 1k  and would jog a lap and a half in between. I would finish out the lap on the bike and wait for him. I was pretty tired.  I did jog a 1/2 mile with him before he started.

Since summer has officially began I figured a good topic is running in the heat.

1. Make sure to drink lots of water.  It is easy in the summer to know you need to stay hydrated but your body runs out of fluid FAST. Even when I am at work I am always drinking so that my body is constantly staying hydrated.

2. Try to beat the heat. This morning I was up and out the door by 8:00 am but when we used to live in NC to beat the heat we would need to be running by 6 am. It is not always easy and sometimes you can’t, but when you have the option get up and run before it gets too hot. Another great option is to run at sundown – always be careful. I only do this if Wes is able to run with me but it usually very relaxing if you can keep your motivation up.

3. Dress appropriately.  I know everyone has their opinions on women running in sports bras – but during the summer I just don’t care. If it is going to be 80-90 degrees I am stripping down to as little as possible 🙂

4. Plan easier workouts outside.  If you are doing really hard sprint work I would try a treadmill or keep it short.  You have to realize that your body takes 2-3 weeks to adjust to the temperature, and it is easier to do slower runs in the heat than hard sprint work.

5. Listen to your body. If you are getting dizzy or feeling awful then STOP. You don’t have to force yourself and you need to listen to your body especially when you are first getting used to running in the heat.

I’m off to finish laundry, eat dinner, and relax. It was such a nice day off but unfortunately I have to be back at work bright and early tomorrow and Saturday. Have a great evening!

What is your favorite summer workout?

I LOVE a nice run followed but jumping in the pool or lake. It always feels so refreshing!

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