Hello Hello! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I am so happy to have an extra day added to my weekend and plan to use every minute!

I have had some great workouts this weekend, and even enjoy a nice “longer” run which to my surprise my legs were still somewhat ready for.

Saturday started with a bike ride with the husband.  It really helps him to have me on his longer run, unfortunately this run didn’t go so well for him so I ended up biking around 11 miles with him and then we called it a day and headed to the gym for him to finish his 16 mile run.

I completed 3 miles on the treadmill slow and easy and followed it with some of Carrie’s weight plan.

Today was my “harder” workout day where I try to focus on a longer run or something with more effort. The scenery was truly beautiful at parts.

IMG 0701

It was a beautiful day, a bit cool but there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky.

IMG 0700

I ended up running 8.3 miles. The first 3 miles were uphill which was tough, but after that was over I was able to relax and get into the run.

IMG 0704

Even though I wish it could have been a little warmer on the labor day weekend, I was happy to be able to run at least without a jacket today. Yesterday on the bike was much too cold for a tank top.

We don’t have any major Memorial Day plans tomorrow.  Wes will need to get some studying in part of the day and I will try to get another good workout. I am guessing some spring cleaning will be in order as well.

What are your memorial day plans?


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