Hello! Remember me?

I am still here but between work and trying to rest some I have just been MIA for a few days.

Today I wanted to talk about something that has really proven to be so important in my workout routine – variety.  The trusty is I used to run only run and I loved it. Then I got bored after a couple years and started adding weights in and loved it. Then I got bored again. I kept noticing that every time I got bored I would see my motivation levels get so low.

I have gone through ups and downs when it comes to working out and I have finally found the trick. Change it up.

I have for so long been stuck under the impression that I have to do one thing or follow one plan so hard that I forget about the fun that working out used to be.

There are multiple things I do for cardio now:

1. Running

2. Biking (outside and I typically bike while my husband runs long runs or intervals)

IMG 0625


4. Elliptical

5. Stair Stepper

I still do weights, but I always add some form of cardio into the mix. I no longer do the same thing every time I go to the gym. Sometimes I have a plan and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I follow a certain plan I have set sometimes I switch it up once I get to the gym. The important thing is to be flexible and don’t be too hard on yourself.

For years I have struggled with getting so down on myself when I didn’t get a workout in or I didn’t do what I had planned. I HAD to do it or else I would walk around looking like I lost my best friend. I still struggle to this day with doing it sometimes, but I have to realize that life isn’t always easy and you can’t keep punishing yourself.

Photo 2

I saw this quote last night and loved it. It really reminds me that I need to focus on the things I can and to just do the best I can at the others. Last week I hit some amazing weight loss and workout goals and I am determined to continue my successes into this week!

Photo 1

I found this on my phone this morning and it made me smile, so what a great thing to leave out with!


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