I had today off from work and boy did I take advantage of it.

I started my day off with a 5.5 mile bike ride to the gym.  I forgot how hard biking can be at times. My legs were burning by the time I finally pulled into the gym.

IMG 0625

After I locked the bike up I went right into a 30 minute run. I didn’t track distance or have any idea how far I went I simple ran out 15 minutes and ran back.  It was very relaxing when you are not worried about distance or pace.

My legs took a bit to warm up since I had just biked, but after about 5-6 minutes they finally decided to get into the run.

I have to say adding running back in some to my workouts has not been easy. I honestly don’t know how I ever trained for a marathon some days.

After I finished the run I headed into the gym to start Carrie’s Slim Strong and Sexy Week 9 weights workout.

IMG 0629

Look at those guns! 😉 haha jk. I am seeing improvement and I highly highly suggest if anyone is looking to lean out and gain muscle to take a look at the plans that Carrie has to offer. I am loving mine thus far!

I rode back to my house after my workout and felt exhausted. I think between the sun and the extra cardio my body was done.  Wes however had different plans and said he was heading out to meet some friends to run at a local track. There is a beautiful trail through there so I thought this would be a great opportunity to get some exercise for the pup.

IMG 0631

We “walked” for about an hour. When I say walked I mean Zoe drug my very tired self along. It was a tough walk but I am glad I did it and enjoyed some one on one time with her.

I am off to spend the last remaining hours of my day off with my hubby. Goodnight! 


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