It felt so good to get into the gym today.  I have to say some days even though I am tired and worn out there is nothing better than getting my butt in the gym and sweating!

Post Workout

I am going to be honest – I have been struggling on the food side this week. My husband and I have been going through a good amount of extra stress lately and I have noticed when I get stressed I eat like crap.  Ok, so it’s not AWFUL but I sneak in little cheats here and there that I normally wouldn’t eat.  I don’t know why I have this problem and why I fall back into this trap so often. I am working really hard to try and find a way to beat it.

Here is a list of my food intake for the day:

Breakfast: plain greek yogurt, honey, and a banana on top.
Lunch: salad with ham (we had to order in at work and they got an anti-pasta salad so I just picked the better things out)
Post-Workout: protein shake
Dinner: chicken, asparagus, grapes, and cantaloupe
Post-Dinner: small handful of candy (ugh!)
Pre-Bed (hasn’t happened yet): BCAA drink

As I said my eating is not that bad, but I really want to find a way to break the small cheats and really save that for a day on the weekend.

I have decided that starting tomorrow I will be writing down everything I eat.  I am going to be honest and real with myself, but I think even after a few days of keeping a good food journal I will be a little more aware of the food that I am putting in my mouth. It is easy for me to slack off when I can try to “ignore” it, but writing it down – there is no way I can get away.

I will let you know how it goes and how it helps me achieve my goals. I am 100% committed to my workouts, but I know that 80% of the battle is in the kitchen and if I don’t get this under control then it can only get worse. Everyone has their own demons when it comes to food and exercise – and “boredom eating” is definitely mine.

It’s time to fully commit myself to what I want – and I know that once the results begin I will be even more motivated.


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