I love love love instagram.  If you don’t know already, I have an instagram account that I post more photos on than I do my blog throughout out the week.

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I probably check instagram a million times a day. I have noticed lately though that I am doing something that can be quite hurtful to my progress and success – I am comparing myself to all these amazing ladies that I follow.

I love looking at the pictures for motivation – especially on days when I am having a hard time motivating myself to get to the gym or get outside for a run. The problem lately is that I have been thinking things such as:

“Why do I not look like her yet?”

“Why can’t my body be that amazing?”

“Why am I such a failure that I don’t have the self control she has?”

“Why can’t I get 2 workouts a day in every day?”

Most of these thoughts are subconscious and I honestly don’t even realize I am having them until later.  

There is nothing wrong with motivation, but there is a point when I have to come to some realizations:

1. Most of the girls have been on this journey a lot longer than I have – I can’t expect quick results and I have to keep at it to get to where I want to be. 

2. Some (not all) of these girls don’t work full time so it is easier to get multiple workouts in. I want to also so that there ARE several ladies I follow that have a couple jobs, go to school, AND still get killer workouts in – so that does not go for all of them! I have to realize that I may not have time to get multiple workouts in some days, but I can still make the ones I do get (even if it is just one) count!

3. I am at a different level. I want to be fit and have the body I want for ME. I don’t ever see myself doing any of these competitions (though more power to the ladies that do) and I am simply working towards the body I have always wanted.  I am taking this journey a little different than a lot them are and I have to realize that may mean slower results.

Social media is such a great tool for motivation, but if we don’t watch ourselves we can also compare ourself unrealistically to other people.  

I am making a point to use instagram and twitter for motivation – but to keep reminding myself that my journey is my own and may be a slower but still just as rewarding process!

I will leave you with a cute picture of my adorable puppy who my hubby and I are hanging out with tonight.

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