I have written about food tracking on here before.  I have been on and off with it for the past year or so, but I have never really had a way to make sure I succeeded at it.  I expressed the frustration to my husband the other night and he got me started on MyFitnessPal. It is a great and easy way to track my progress throughout the day – both my food and workouts.

I downloaded the app on my phone for easy access during the day and then update it on my computer at night. It is simple and easy.

I highly suggest those who are beginning the food journaling/tracking process to give it a shot.  Once you begin to see what you are eating you will really begin to understand why the changes are or are not happening in your body. The basis for everything is calories in/calories out regardless of what your fitness goals are.

I had a pretty great workout today. I won’t lie and say I was excited about it because I was pretty tired come 5:45, but I was happy to get back into the gym and get my routine going again.

The total workout consisted of a mixture of light cardio, sprints, and Carrie’s Slim Strong and Sexy Weight Plan.

4.22 workout

All in all I think it was a really great workout and I think it was a great kick off the week.

4.22 Workout Body

I am glad to say that even after a week off I can already see my body starting to level back out. I will let you know that after last week my diet was out of control and my workouts were few.  After even my first day of working hard on my diet and my workout I can tell this is going to be my best week yet!

I am going to be keeping my blog much more updated with information and progress.  I apologize for the crazy couple of weeks – but I am back and ready to make the best of what I have!


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