Today I am already focusing on the week ahead. No, I am not wishing my time away – in fact there is nothing I want more than to slow this weekend down, but I have a lot of prep to do for next week so I am already getting started.

Next weekend my husband will be running the Boston Marathon. It is one of our favorite marathons specifically because Wes proposed to me after he ran Boston for the first time :-). It was a memory and a time that I will never forget! We love going back there and experiencing it together so we are really excited.

Engagement 2010

This was after we got engaged waiting in the train station at the Boston Marathon in 2010. One of the greatest days of my life. Even though we look so young and tired, it was a wonderful day.

Traveling all weekend will affect my workout schedule just a bit. Unless by some miracle I find a gym right next door (the hotel we stay at does not have a gym); I am going to have to take several days in a row OFF. This means that I have to be on my A game with eating while I am traveling.

Here are my plans for the upcoming week:

1. My workouts Monday thru Thursday have to be on point. There are no taking days off or not giving it my all.

2. My eating has to be on point. I am going to 100% dedicate myself to a food journal and record everything I eat to help keep myself on track.

3. I have to find a way to take my stress levels down.  The past couple weeks have been so stressful that it has really effected my workouts and my motivation.  I have always had issues managing my stress levels so this week I have to really focus on the important things in my life.

I don’t want to make a long huge list of things I need to accomplish this week, I simply need to focus on these three things to insure that my week is productive and I won’t hurt too bad if I do end up having to take several days off.

I will make sure to post my plans for my travel to Boston before I leave as well. I am actually pretty nervous for the trip more so for my husband. The past couple months have been challenging battling injuries and high stress in medical school.  I know he wants to PR but its been a really tough road this year. My hope and prayers for him is that he finishes pain free and proud.

Here are some pictures from after my workout today.

Post Workout 4.6

I am really hoping that the food journal will help me lean out a bit more and really get into the shape i’ve been working so hard for.

One last special note for the day. It is my precious puppy’s 2nd birthday. We took her out for a little birthday fetch after our workouts.

Zoe Birthday

We got our precious little girl the day after we got back from our honeymoon.  She is the light of our lives and she has the biggest heart i’ve ever seen. We love you Zoe! <3


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