I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Today started my “cutting” phase. Ok, I am not cutting for a competition but I have put on weight that is not needed and it is time to get the last few lbs off.  I have a wedding at the end of next month (my brother is getting married!) and I need to get the dress fitted.  I want to get down to at least my “happy” weight so my goal is to drop the last couple pounds during the next couple weeks.

I am giving myself 2 cheat meals a week and then rest is pretty strict for the time being.  I know I can maintain once I get down it is just a matter of getting the last couple pounds off and keeping them off.

Today as soon as I left work I headed straight to the gym to get my workout in.

I completed 3 slow miles on the treadmill along with Carrie’s weights workout for the day.

IMG 0584

Do I look a little TOO happy for just finishing a work out?

IMG 0585

I’d say you can see a difference in my arms! Now my legs, they are another story….still working hard!

I love the focus I have on Monday, but I am really hoping I can keep it up for the rest of the week.  

A couple new things I am adding into this week:

1. Low low low impact cardio. In order to add a bit more cardio in and I am going to add two days where on top of my normal workout I come home and just walk on the treadmill for the length of one of “my shows.” I have them on hulu so I can connect my headphones up and walk on the treadmill. Yes, we have a treadmill in our apartment.

2. We are looking to possibly purchase a bike for me.  This will allow me to add another form of cardio in sometimes and bike along with Wes when he goes for his really long training runs.  This also helps him to have some company during his workouts at times. This will mostly occur during the weekends.

Off to do some laundry and start night one of my walking. I will leave you with this great quote I posted on my instagram earlier.

IMG 0581 1


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