Today I did somethings I haven’t done in a really long time – two workouts in one day.

I usually don’t do them because they are very tiring on the body, but since I had a day off from work I did my main workout in the morning and then followed it with some low intensity cardio in the late afternoon.

My day started just as early as a day I would have to go to work.  I had scheduled a dr.’s appointment at 8:30 and since I hadn’t been there before I made sure to get there about 20 minutes early.

Pre, During, Post

I fixed my pre workout, during working, and post workout drinks/protein shakes and put them in my gym bag.  I made sure that I was completely prepared so that I could make it through the tough workout I knew I had ahead of me.

My workout was legs and BOY was it hard. I incorporated some new exercises that worked different muscles. My glutes have never been so sore!

Workout 1

I followed my workout with a 2 hour car appointment and a trip to the grocery store.

I was pretty tired and thought about going home and passing out on my couch, but I knew my husband was at the gym running (yes he is running again!) so I knew I could get some low intensity cardio in and spend a little time with him.

Workout 2

I made sure to spend a lot of extra time stretching to avoid excess soreness tomorrow.

I hope everyone is ready for the first day of spring. I am so anxious for warmer weather and sunshine it is unreal.  Unfortunately in Erie, PA I don’t think it is quite ready for spring like I am.


Yeah I was unhappy when I woke up and saw the snow again.  I really hope in the next few days this stops and we see some sun and warmer temperatures, but I don’t think the weather forecast is agreeing with me.

Off to get ready to go back to the grind tomorrow. Goodnight!


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