I am back!

Another crazy week filled with sickness and long long days of work, but I am proud to stay besides missing Thursday’s workout (which I made up for and did tonight) I was able to stick to my plan each day.

Friday night Workout

I headed to the gym right after work today to get in yesterdays workout since I took off for being sick.  I got right to the point and finished up Carrie’s Slim, Strong, and Sexy weight workout and added 20 minutes of low intensity cardio.  I wanted to keep it as easy as I could while still pushing myself.  I will be back at the gym in less than 12-14 hours so I am making sure that my body recovers correctly as well.

We are watching some basketball and relaxing tonight.  This week has been pretty tough so I needed some down time.

I am also partaking in my nightly BCAA drink to prep my body and muscles for the morning.


This is about as crazy as my drinking goes on Friday nights these days 🙂 There is nothing better than waking up and feeling ready to go though. I truly looking forward to my workouts on Saturday and Sunday because I have so much more energy then when I have to go after work.

The weather is also looking up for the weekend, which means my husband will be able to get in some good outdoor runs as well.  He will be running Boston in about 2 weeks – so keep him in your thoughts! He is almost completely heeled but still having a couple nagging pains here and there.

Off to watch some basketball and relax before bed. I will leave you with this awesome quote.



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