I thought I would bring you another review today of an awesome product I was given the opportunity to try out.


HIT Supplements LLC (High Intensity Training) allowed me to try out their Tropical Punch pre-workout Igniter for Women Only.  It was the first pre-workout that I have ever seen that is specifically for women and their training needs. The bottle states that “Igniter for women only combines the optimum ratio of natural energizers, N.O. boosting ingredients, B vitamins, and rapidly absorbed free-form amino acids for a woman’s body.” 


Mixing Ability: This is one of the easiest pre-workouts to mix I have tried so far.  I tend to make my pre workouts ahead of time as well because of work or I mix them the night before. It stays well dissolved and there is no clumping. It only takes a few shakes and the entire powder is dissolved and ready to drink.

Flavor: I have to say I was a little skeptical about the the fruit punch flavor when I first got it. It seems like just about each pre-workout I have received seem to be “fruit punch” and honestly most of them have fallen short in the flavor.  They are either way to strong or have an odd aftertaste.  I first tried this product on a Saturday morning workout and I had to make it real quick before going out the door.  I mixed it with the about 8 ounces of water and shook.  The flavor was PEFECT. It was not too strong in any way and was delicious to drink real fast.

Effects: This is by far the most important part of any pre-workout.  It took about 15-20 minutes but I began to feel more energized and focused.  I was able to get through a tough Saturday workout and when I was done I felt like I had a little bit left – which doesn’t always happen.  I have taken pre-workouts and felt nothing from them, but I 100% got a much more powerful and effective workout after taking the HIT Igniter for Women.

Pricing: You can buy a 257 gram bottle for $34.99. I would say this is definitely a reasonable price for the effects you get from taking this pre-workout.  It is my go to product now before workouts!


These are pictures I took the first day I took it after my workout.  They also set me a wonderful vanilla whey protein that I will be back later to write a review on.


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