Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope those of you who can are enjoying your green beer 🙂

Sunday’s are always my day to prep for the week ahead.  I have a pretty busy schedule between work, gym, home, and the blog.  It may not sound like much but my job is pretty stressful so even working 40-45 hours there adds a lot of stress to my week.  I know that if I do not plan correctly then I will fail.  There is no if, ands, or buts about it: failing to plan is planning to fail.

I have a pretty routine schedule since I have begun my new training plan.

1. Meal Planning

I prep all of my lunches and some dinners for the week on Sundays.  I try to make things that can be reheated and will last me through until Friday.

Meal Prep

Here is an example of my meal prep this evening. I boiled a dozen eggs and just put about 10 chicken breasts in the oven.  I will also make a good amount of vegetables to go with my meals each day. Eating healthy is not always easy and the best way to make sure that you succeed is by planning.

2. Workout Planning

There may be some people out there that can just go to the gym and “wing” it, but I for one cannot.  Each week I sit down and plan out each day and what each workout will entail.

Workout Prep

This was last weeks but you get the idea. I bought a planner and I make sure to write down everything I do each day.  This avoids any laziness and helps me to know exactly what I need to do the moment I step into the gym.

3. Next Day Planning

Each night before I go to bed I get everything I will need for the following day ready. Workout clothes, heart rate monitor, protein shakes, lunch, pre workout drinks, etc.  This allows me to pick up my things in the morning and walk out the door.

I have NEVER been a morning person and have learned that I forget things easily in the morning.  I know that if I get everything packed up the night before then there is no question on what I need to do the next morning.

Those are the main things I make sure to do everything Sunday to have a successful week. I love to look back at the previous week as well and figure out what worked and didn’t work for me.

Here are a few things I am focusing on this week.

-Drink more water. They say you need to drink a gallon a day and I know I am no where close to that.

-Slow down during my workouts. I have found that many times after working all day I just want to get home, but I need to relax and slow down to make sure I am getting the most out of each workout.

-Mental toughness. I have mentioned before how hard a time I have sometimes with eating healthy.  I need to focus on being more “mentally tough” and cut out completely the small tiny unhealthy snacks I have during the week.  I am slowly getting better but I want to really focus on improving this week.

I will leave you with some progress pictures. I took these at the gym today after a very tough (physically and mentally) workout.

Progress 3.17.13 Pics

I am slowly starting to clean out thanks to my diet.  I am noticing some definition beginning in my arms but that is pretty much it.  These aren’t “official” progress pictures but they give you a good idea on where I stand.  I am really excited to see where the next 10 weeks are going to take me!

Have a great week!


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