I am exhausted.

That pretty much could sum up this entire post if I let it. Today was a long 10 hour day at work and by the time I finally left I wanted to do absolutely anything and everything except go to the gym.

I still went and completed the entire workout.  I had to really focus on my workout and try to get into it. There are a few things really stressing me out lately and its been hard to stay focused.

I think this picture pretty accurately describes how I felt.


I came home and ate a good dinner.  I am currently trying to find motivation to do some laundry and clean the dishes – it really is the small things today.

On a positive note I am off work tomorrow, but I will be going between dr’s appointments and a car appointment. I plan to fit some gym time in there as well!  Even though it is my day off it is starting to look pretty busy!

I know this is a quick and simple post, but I will be back tomorrow! I think the rest of this night calls for a few chores and early bed! Goodnight loves!


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