I hope your Sunday is as beautiful as it is here! We have had such cold weather recently that this change in temperature is such a nice break. I know it won’t stay around for long – but it is still nice to enjoy for a day ūüôā


Last night my husband and I traveled to Cleveland to get my iPhone fixed. That is the closest apple store, so we decided to make a trip out of it and have a little time away from Erie.

We had a nice dinner out, but I have to say I indulged a little bit more than I wanted too. It is OK though I am getting back on track today and know one evening is not going to kill me.

Pre Workout

This is me pre workout drinking a little get me going drink by HighEnergy Labs. They sent me a sample of their pre-workout and I tried it out this morning. I will have a full write up on it here this week!

Today’s workout from ThisFitChick’s Slim Strong and Sexy plan called for a HIIT treadmill workout. I was actually kind of excited because I knew that I really wanted to sweat to help me feel a little less bloated. Total time for the cardio was about 30 minutes.

Post Workout

I actually have missed cardio lately, but I have really enjoyed learning so much about weight lifting and making changes to my body I never though I could before! I can’t wait to see how my body continues to change over the next 12 weeks and BEYOND!

After I got through with the cardio I did a few leg exercises and some major stretching.  I must have pulled something in my neck a few days ago and my back has tightened up so I made sure to spend a good 15 minutes stretching and trying to work the kinks out.  One of the nice things about the gym I belong to is the steam room. I love to go in there after hard workouts and really stretch out so that my muscles loosen up.

Protein Mix

I came home and mixed up my protein shake. Today I combined my new Cookies and Cream flavor with chocolate. It was delicious! I love the new flavor but sometimes it is a little strong, when I combined it with the chocolate it was the perfect combination!

I am off to shower and do some MAJOR cleaning.  With this beautiful weather today I am finally able to open up the windows and get some of the stuffiness out! I cannot wait for spring!

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