Weekends are always a hard time for me when it comes to food. I absolutely love them for working out because I can finally go to the gym when I am full of energy and motivation, but I seem to have a lot of weakness on the food front.

I feel like food can be my best friend and my worst enemy all at the same time.

As a marathon runner I ran A LOT and that allowed me to be a bit more free with my every day diet.  I would run my long runs on the weekends and then pretty much go crazy at night with food. I had an unhealthy relationship with food that I am still trying to break from.

There are a few simple rules I follow now on weekends to help:

1. Never skip a workout.  I sometimes work on weekends and it makes it easy for me to want to skip and relax, but I always make sure that each day (Saturday and Sunday) I get my workout in and give it 100%.

2. Make healthier decisions at restaurants. Weekends for us often always involved eating out.  Instead of ordering whatever I feel like I opt for a healthier and leaner option on the menu.

Healthy Options

These are some examples of actual meals I have ordered. Grilled chicken and broccoli and tilapia and broccoli. They are both healthy and lean options.

3. Let yourself live a little. I am sure there are people out there who would disagree with this one, but I usually allow myself a small “cheat meal” or “cheat item” both Friday and Saturday evenings. This can be anything from an entire meal, candy, or frozen yogurt.  I make sure to only have ONE of those.  In my opinion it is important to treat yourself.


This is a “treat” snack that I have often, but it’s the healthier sugar free yogurt with fruit.

4. Use the weekend to plan for the week. Sunday is usually my “planning” day. I plan out all of my meals as well as my workouts for the week.  This really helps me stay focused on my goals and keeps me motivated.  It is also a great reminder of the reason I am eating healthy and lean.

The most important thing it so enjoy your weekend. If you work full time like me you only have a few days of relaxation, so enjoy them but just make healthier choices during them! My unhealthy battle with food will always be something I deal with, but getting it under control will win the battle. Keep your eyes on the prize!


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