Happy Valentine’s Day!

Remember me?

I am currently still on vacation in Myrtle Beach with my husband. He has a month vacation from medical school so we decided to take a week, get away, and spend time just the two of us. I have taken a bit of a break from blogging to spend time time with him, but since he is out running and I just finished mine I thought I would check in.

I have had a few set backs in regards to exercise since I have been on vacation:

1. We are pretty sure that I either have a torn ligament in my back or have a small fracture. Either way – IT HURTS!

2. I tried to find a gym to join for the week to keep up with Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program BUT the closest one is almost 15 minutes away and that was around $70 a week. They do have a small gym at our hotel but it has a total of one machine, an elliptical, and a bike.  I have tried to stay active while I am here, but it has been difficult between my back and the lack of equipment.

My Workouts Since Sunday: (day we arrived here)
Sunday – Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred Video
Monday – 1 minute jumping jacks, 1 minute butt kicks, 1 minute high knees, 1 minute squats (repeat 3x).  I also threw in some weights in between each of these.
Tuesday – 7.8 mile run
Wednesday – Pretty much took off except for some push ups I did.
Thursday – 4.4 mile run down the beach. I threw in some walking here too because my back and running have not been getting along.

I was pretty proud that I got SOMETHING In most days so far, but I have to say it has been a struggle.  I was doing so well keeping to my program that I have really struggled to being OK with a set back week. I have had a few many break downs this week, and thankfully my poor husband has been there to reassure me and remind me that it is important that we enjoy the ONE vacation we get a year.  We have had less and less vacations over the past couple years since he started medical school and I just keep reminding myself that our time together, our marriage, and our vacation have to come first right now.  I can fit in my exercise as I need it and I will for sure get back on track next week when we return. I look forward to seeing results and showing you the progress as I get back on track.

Here are a few pictures from our trip so far.

Wes in a Zoe Shirt

The first day we were here we found this awesome shirt at a local t-shirt shop. I thought Wes should get it without a doubt, he wasn’t so excited about it.

Downtown MB

We visited downtown Myrtle Beach last night and even though most everything was getting ready to close, it was still beautiful.

Wes in the Arcade

We stopped by an arcade the other night while in downtown Myrtle Beach.  I think it let the hubby bring out his inner child at heart 🙂

Morning Run

Finally a beautiful picture of the ocean from my 4 mile run to the pier and back this morning.

I will try to post again before I get back from vacation, but we will see how time permits. My number one right now is my husband and spending time that we usually never get together.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope each and every one of you get to spend it with those you love!


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