The work week begins again!

I can’t say I was at all excited this morning when my alarm when off.  It is so hard on Monday’s, but once I get through it the rest of the week tends to go by much better.  This is a different week because I have tomorrow off of work. My job requires me to work Saturdays sometimes. It sucks when Saturday roles around but the good thing is I get a day off during the week to make up for it.

I plan on spending my Tuesday doing a TON of laundry and working out my legs at the gym!

In case you all don’t follow me on twitter or Instagram – this was the surprise change that happened last night.


Yes I got a tattoo last night! It is my very first and probably my only, but I really love it. It says “What lies within the heart exceeds all else.” There are many meanings of this quote to me, but I am finally glad that I took the plunge and got it done!

I started week 3 of the LiveFit program and am really enjoying the new routine! She has added some new exercises and I love it. Today I did back/biceps and man am I sore! I can tell I am really going to be feeling it tomorrow. This week I do 3 x 10 on each exercise but I am upping the weight. This is officially the start of “the muscle building phase.”

Are you ready for some crazy gym pictures?

Guns HA

Yes I know how crazy ridiculous this picture looks and no I do not wear my hair down while working out, but I thought I should at least take some pictures! I can’t say I see a whole lot of progress yet but I DO believe there is a little bit of definition there! I can’t wait to see where I am when this ends!

2/25/13 Workout

That was the final break down of my workout. I stuck to only weights today, not even the slightest amount of cardio outside of a warm up and cool down.

Today is actually my husband and I’s 1 year and 7 month wedding anniversary. I know most people don’t keep up with all that, but ever since we started dating almost 8 years ago (coming up on 3/4) we have always made a point to acknowledge and do something small (even if it is really small) each month on the date of our wedding. We used to this when we were dating, but now that we are married we do it from our wedding date.

We decided to go out and get something to eat since we had both had a pretty long and tiring day today.

Tilapia Dinner

I opted for the grilled tilapia and double service of broccoli.  The tilapia was delicious but the broccoli tasted as if I had gotten the leftovers. It was still nice to get away from the house and spend a little quiet time with Wes.

Off to hang out with the pup for a while and catch up on some of my shows. Goodnight!L


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