Remember yesterday when I said I was exhausted? Yeah I’d say i’m about the same today.

I had a killer workout today of shoulders and abs. It was just what I needed that is for sure.  There is nothing more rewarding than pushing through a workout, but today was tough! My husband joined me again so that helped me get through some of the tough parts.

I actually think I am starting to see a SMALL amount of definition in my arms!

It isn’t a whole lot, but any improvement is a plus and helps keep me motivated.


I still have a good ways to go but it is really exciting to see little changes begin in my body. I am convinced 80% of it is my diet. I haven’t completely cleaned up my diet, but I would say 95% of what I eat is clean. I want to get to a 100% but I am taking it slow and getting there step by step.

The first time I attempted to make the changes I didn’t change my diet, and this didn’t work. It has to be a complete dedication.

After I got home and chatted with my parents a bit I got to work in the kitchen. Tomorrow my current boss is leaving so we are throwing a pot luck lunch. I am making meatballs and brownies, neither of which I am eating. In order to make sure I avoid the temptation I cooked up a sweet potato with cinnamon and stevia.

Sweet Potato

Not quite brownies but it still curved my sweet tooth and kept me from snacking.

Well off to finish up around the house and get to bed. Tomorrow is the first of the month which means a busy day at work for me. Goodnight!


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