Look what I woke up to this morning – these are what I call “Death Icicles.” Aren’t they scary!?

Death Icicles

I officially cannot move my arms or neck. I am so beyond sore, but I guess that means that I am working hard! At least I hope that is what it means. I can’t believe how much I am looking forward to workouts these days. Yes there were days when all I did was run that I enjoyed going to the gym – but now every day is different and I really for once enjoy it! Tomorrow I start week two. I am excited to see what it has in store for me and hopefully I can slowly start to see some progress being made! Today’s workout wasn’t quite as bad as yesterdays. You can see the full thing here.

1-27-13 workout

I was pretty happy with the workout, but I definitely couldn’t lift as much weight today due to being really sore from yesterday. I am working up towards it, but I realized today it is going to be quite the process.

After my workout was over I had another protein shake. This time before I left I made sure to pack my protein in my gym bag so that I would be able to drink it right after my workout. Protein should be taken within 45 minutes to an hour after your workout, and yesterday I didn’t get home within that time frame.

Protein Shake

I am actually getting used to drinking these, they really aren’t that bad!

Wes and I decided to do some shopping after we had finished our workouts. I was determined to find some new black pumps for work and haven’t been able to track any down in Erie lately. We went to TJ Maxx, Kohls, Target, and Shoe Carnival.


I ended up getting 2 pairs of black pumps (nothing fancy just simple and easy to wear with just about anything), a new workout top from TJ Maxx, and some weight lifting gloves. I have been thinking about buying some gloves since the calices on my hands were starting to really hurt. I found them very cheap at TJ Maxx and new it was a sign I needed to get them!

I am off to finish up the laundry so it is ready for the week and dye my hair.


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