I learned today that some days are just going to suck when it comes to workouts.

I had a pretty awesome workout planned before I went to the gym. You can see the whole break down of it here.

I mean I was pretty excited for my workout today. Can’t you tell!?

Pre Workout
Nothing classier than a bathroom photo shoot right? I got the shirt at Dick’s Sporting Goods last night for $11! It was originally $40 so I of course HAD to get it! I love it because it is loose and long! I hate tight shirts when I am working out.

These are the stats for my 40 minute interval treadmill workout that I started with A 9.0 pace is nothing to laugh at, it was extremely tough! I have no idea how Wes can run a 6:00 minute pace “easy.” I don’t think my legs were made to go that fast.

40 min interval stats

As you know the weight portion of my workout comes from Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Program. I had to switch this week around a bit because I started on Tuesday so today was back and biceps day.

I officially know now that I have NO upper body strength. There was one exercise I didn’t even get to due to the fact that my bicep was cramping up and I am pretty sure I hit a “weight lifting wall” is there such a thing as that!?


I had to take a quick discreet picture while I was lifting because it was CROWDED! When the are a lot of crowds in the free weight area my fear comes back. It is not that I am “scared” of being there it is just that I feel like I am still learning what I am doing so I feel like a complete idiot sometimes. Thankfully I got over my fear and hung with the crowds. I think each day it is getting a little easier.

Workout Stats

That is the breakdown of my workout that I recorded while I was doing everything. Notice the end…yeah that is when my arms pretty much quit moving, my bicep cramped up, and I just felt exhausted.

I did add 3 sets of standing bicep curls after the “FAIL” point, but never recorded it in my phone.  I could only manage to do them at 10 lbs but just proud I pushed through.

I did have to skip the one arm dumbbell preacher curls I just had nothing left. I felt kind of guilty for doing that but I am glad I at least got all the other ones in and feel good overall that I finished most of the workout.

As soon as we got home I had my first protein “shake”. I feel like shake is misleading because it was simply water with some protein in it. It is not really what I would consider a “shake.”

Protein "Shake"

So my husband has informed me that we can go shopping SO on that note I am off! I have to make myself somewhat presentable to be in public. Keep your fingers crossed I can actually find something! Erie is NOT know for its shopping….

Oh and in case there are any basketball fans out there please full for NC State when they play UNC tonight. 🙂 Ok. Thanks!


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