I am happy to report that my arm is no longer hurting and I can bend it out completely straight!! This may seem like a little thing but I am very excited about it!

Another exciting thing that happened today – I got some new shoes in!


I was very excited to try them out, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate today in order for me to do that.  We have had crazy weather lately and after 61 degrees and rainy yesterday – today chose to be 25 degrees and snow gusts.  There were many times while I was at work that it was a complete white out.


I had ever intention of going to the gym and focusing on cardio today, but I was afraid that if the weather kept this up it would get even worse later in the evening and Wes agreed with me. I decided to take a rest day today. I am planning on going for a short trip tomorrow after work (even though it will be 7:00ish) to make up for it since I took off today.

I am really not worried about missing today. I think in the long run it may be better anyways because it will give my arm a little bit more time to heal. Since Wes and I really don’t have any plans for tomorrow night since I will be working early Saturday it works out perfectly for me to get a small Friday workout in.

I know this is a short one tonight, but I have to get up real early to go to work tomorrow with this craptastic weather. Promise to be back with something better tomorrow! Goodnight!


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