Last night I finally got around to coloring my hair. I was blessed with beginning to turn grey at 15 years old, so since about 16-17 I have had to dye my hair every 6 weeks or so.  I have been putting it off for quite a while now but I knew I needed to just get it done and be done with it.

I tried a new hair dye that I saw at the store when I was there on Friday night.  I am so easily sucked into new products – all they have to do is look nice and I will buy it. I am marketers dream!

Hair color

As it says on the box it is a 60% oil blend and has no ammonia.  I do dye my hair a lot so the no ammonia automatically drew me to it. I got it in dark brown, which pretty much is what I always do. I should have taken an after picture this morning but I was in such a rush due to the fact that I thought the roads would be bad and it would take me longer to get to work. Turned out they were and I ended up getting there 20 minutes early. Oh well!

Work was long today I was there from 8:30 – 7:00. It felt like it would NEVER EVER end. I ended up still making it to the gym but it took every single tiny bit of energy left in my body to do it.

You can see my total workout here. I had a quicker workout today and ended up doing legs because my arms were so so sore from the past week. I did a total of about 15 mins of cardio and was done in about an hour.

My eats for the day included:
Breakfast: Protein shake with glutamine
Lunch: Oatmeal
After Workout: Protein Shake
Dinner: Chicken Noodle Soup from Panera, an apple, and half a thing of bread from Wes’ dinner.


I apologize for the random picture of my oatmeal for lunch. It was a busy day so I didn’t get many pictures in.

On that note I am off to get a few things done, enjoy a glass of wine, and get ready for another work day!


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