I have learned recently that you have to be flexible when it comes to starting a new workout plan. I mentioned it in yesterday’s post but I have been having a pain in my left elbow along with some swelling. I can’t straighten it all the way out unless I force it and that hurts.  I looked at my lifting schedule today and it called for Biceps/Back – something I knew that I was not going to be able to do and keep proper form.

I switched my days around and focused on shoulders and abs today instead. It was still difficult but I was able to do all the moves correctly and with proper form which is the most important part. I am pretty sure this pain came from slacking on my form during my bicep day last Saturday, so I am really trying to pay better attention and listen to my body.

I was also off today from work since I am working on Saturday, so I was happy to be able to start my workout at 10:30 this morning.

This was my workout for shoulders and abs today:


I’ve been using my phone as my ipod so that I can always look back as to what my workout is for the day, track my workout, and if I have any questions about what the move may be I can double check via bodybuilding.com.  It has really come in handy since I don’t have anyone to work with me on some of the moves.

Another fun event of my day? I went to get my car inspected (which is a month over due) after my workout today and 2 hours and $200 later I left with an inspected car. We had kind of planned for something to need to be replaced and sure enough my rear break pads were worn completely down. Oh the joys of car ownership right!?

Wes and I met for lunch/dinner (around 3:00 pm) at the local Chinese restaurant. I know we are so  original.


I had some sushi, white rice, chicken, and then followed this up with a plate of fruit and frozen yogurt. I limited myself for sure compared to what I usually eat because I had just had a protein shake after my workout around 12:30 and wasn’t TOO hungry.

Wes hit up the grocery store after and I made a pit stop by Express.

I ended up getting four different shirts.


Please excuse my AWFUL post workout hair and the fact that I still had my sports bra on.  I meant to bring a normal bra to the gym so that I could go try on clothes, but I walked out without it. I took pictures so I could make sure Wes somewhat approved. He usually doesn’t care, but occasionally here will be something he really doesn’t like so I wanted to make sure everything was OK. I will try them on again tonight and if something doesn’t look right I will just take it back.

Okay I am off to get some laundry folded and hang out with the pup.


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