I went to the gym this afternoon to try the workout I told you about earlier.

It was amazing. I have such a long way to go to be where I want to be or how I want to be but I am happy to report that I finished it and felt good!

The HIIT treadmill workout is NO JOKE.  I have ran for 3+ hours on a treadmill in the past but I never have hurt so bad and been so out of breath after 25 minutes in my life. I know that must mean that it worked!

After I finished the treadmill portion I headed over to the free weight area. I have to admit I am a little timid about going to the free weight section. I have always been a runner and when I did use weights I opted for the machines.  I guess the reason I am intimidated of that area is because I really feel like I have no idea what I am doing.

Free Weights

I did pretty well. I will still a little timid as I was trying to figure some things out, but all in all I gained some confidence and will definitely be making much more of an effort to hang out in there more often.

While we were in the gym a crazy snow storm hit and it has been going strong every since.


That was the view driving to get some soup after we left the gym. We knew once we got home we wouldn’t be going back out and I needed to pick a few items up for my lunches this week.

Quick a short post, but I must be off to dig this out of the snow.

Car in Snow

Yep that would be my car and if I don’t have it moved in front of our townhouse before the plows come I may REALLY not be able to get it out come morning.  Thankfully my husband is currently trying to get it moved during this small break in the snow. Have I mentioned yet how much I love Erie?!



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