Postpartum Boston Marathon Training

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s time to start training for the Boston Marathon. It feels like such a short time ago I was beginning this last year, with no idea what was in store for me in the future. I may have missed out on Boston last year, but it was for the absolute best reason.

If you are new to my blog, this isn’t my first rodeo with marathon training. I’ve used many plans over the years, with my biggest success coming from Hansons Marathon Method. You can read about my training with this plan which got me my first BQ in one training cycle here.

I’ve learned a lot over the years but still like to look at various plans when coming up with my marathon training. Going into Boston this year is looking a little bit different. I have no set marathon time goal, no goal of getting a new PR, instead I am focusing only on going out there and enjoying it.

Don’t get me wrong – I want a strong performance. I still want to be prepared when I step on the starting line so I can’t disregard training. The goal when putting my plan together was to create a plan that wasn’t too taxing while still giving me the strength I’ll need to toe the start line in April.

I decided to very loosely base my training plan off Hal Higdon’s Advance 2 Plan. Typically when I use a plan (aside from my Hansons training) I take a plan and then modify it. I have to switch things around a bit this time around because my schedule is a lot different. Saturday’s don’t work for my long runs anymore so I must fit them in during the week. I also have to learn how to be more flexible this time around. Some runs may be broken up, cut short, or even moved around depending on what happens each week.

The plan I came up with I feel like covers most of the basics, allows flexibility, and will prepare for a strong and “comfortable” race.

Here is a look at my training plan for the next 12 weeks to get me ready for the Boston Marathon:

Boston Marathon Training Plan

Hal Higdon had a few parts to his training that I didn’t want to include because it’s not necessary for my goals this time around. He uses longer tempos on the day before long runs. I don’t need these since I don’t have a particular time goal so instead substituted those days for easy miles with hill sprints. Hill work is pretty crucial for Boston as opposed to some of the other marathons I’ve run. Thankfully in Virginia we are not lacking in hills.

I also only put in one 20 mile run throughout the plan (where he has several) mostly to reduce my risk of injury. I need to work on endurance but coming from where I am currently I think this is the best option.

The biggest key to my running is going to be the long run. The small workouts are important, but the key is getting my body used to running the distance and getting some of my endurance back. I’m staring from a very different place that I have during my other cycles.

Is this going to be difficult at times? Absolutely. However; I think it’s a fair plan that will get me to the start line healthy.

Training to run a marathon 4 months postpartum is going to take a lot more than just putting in miles. I have a lot of strength I need to regain in my pelvic floor, core, upper and lower body. I’ve never been good at consistently sticking to strength but if I want to get to Boston healthy this is an absolutely MUST. It’s more important than the running in many ways. Pregnancy does a lot to your body and building back is going to take some work.

I’m still in the process of putting together my strength plan, but I do plan on sharing in the near future. Plans have always worked for me because they give me something to accountable to and there is no guessing on what I need to do. I know it’s the key for me to being successful come April.

I still don’t know what awaits my in April or if I’ll for sure get there but I know I’ll regret it if I don’t try. This may be a completely different training cycle then before but I look forward to the challenge.

I look forward to sharing my progress and journey!

Postpartum Marathon Training

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