Hi there! I looked back at least week and noticed there was a lot less running talk. That just won’t do so I figured I needed to start this week back off on the right track! 5 weeks postpartum brought some good and tough things.

Running has had its highs and lows for me lately but it without a doubt has given me so much clarity and enjoyment even during those tough days. I start marathon training next week officially (12 weeks from Boston) and while I’m still in the process of putting together a training plan, I’m enjoying the process of just getting my body used to running more often again.

I’m learning the art of balancing and fitting in running because I’m on a much bigger time crunch now than I once was. Instead of being able to get up at 4 AM each morning and get my run in, I have to now fit it in between naps or when I have someone to watch Easton for an hour or so. His naps are pretty unpredictable, while some days we will have a long 2-3 hour nap some days we don’t have more than a 30 minute nap so I truly never know what the day will bring.

I’m thankful that my Mom lives close and for the past two weeks has been able to come up at least once a week to watch E, help me get some things done, and allow me to get outside and run. I’ve also had to move my long runs to during the week otherwise between my husband and I we are literally running ALL day Saturday. Neither of us want that because we want our family time.

5 Weeks Postpartum

Running postpartum has definietly been a learning curve, but in many ways it makes it that much more rewarding.

The past week wasn’t what I had originally planned but I made the most of it.

Monday – 5 miles 

On the treadmill and broken up in between naps. This is become more the norm now than anything.

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – 1.25 miles

The goal was to finish out 5 miles sometime later in the day after I got in my first 1.25 miles before he woke up. It was a tough day and at the end of it I didn’t have the energy to finish it out so I ended up calling it a day.

Thursday – 8 miles

My mom was up staying with us for the day to help so I could go to an appointment later in the day. She offered to watch E while I went to run so I got in my long run for the week.

Friday – Off

Saturday – 4.5 miles

I threw in a little bit of speed (though when I say speed the intervals were slower than my previous marathon pace). I did 5 x 400 with equal recovery and a mile warm up and cool down. It felt nice to move the legs a bit faster again.

Sunday – Off


As you can tell, it didn’t go perfectly but I’m happy with it as I lead up to the official start of marathon training for me. It’s been good for me to have days that aren’t what I had planned because I know as this journey of training begins I am going to have more days like that. It won’t be perfect, but the only goal I have for Boston is to simply get to the start line healthy and to enjoy it.

Each week my goal is to throw in a small speed workout, but nothing taxing. Just to break up the monotony and to get my legs moving a bit more. I have no set paces of these it’s completely based on effort.

8 Miles 5 Weeks Postpartum

Week 5 overall was a good one. It’s taught me a lot and each week that goes teaches me something knew. Motherhood is one crazy journey but even on the worst days I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

This may not be a typical training cycle for me but it’s challenging me in new ways and for that I’m excited!


I’ll be sharing my training plan next week – so be sure to check back!

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