Two weeks ago I updated you all on my postpartum progress. I didn’t want to do weekly updates, so I’ve decided every two weeks is a good amount of time to go between updates, because let’s face it nothing drastic is happening weekly at this point.

I was excited to see January come and it got me excited to focus on my goals for the coming year. It’s going to be a very different year for me, but I am excited for pushing myself a bit out of my comfort zone. As most of you also know, I officially started running again at 3 weeks postpartum, but we will get more into that in a little bit!

Since I’m already a little late in getting this postpartum update to you – lets get started!

1 Month Postpartum


I haven’t made much progress on my weight loss since I updated you all 2 weeks ago. I’m still holding strong around 138 lbs. I’ve hit a plateau after losing a lot of the other weight quickly, but that’s okay. It can be frustrating but at this point all I can do is eat well, stay active, and focus on one day at a time.


1 month postpartum


I’ve still got a loose stomach that I’m working each day to help reduce but that is probably the most self conscious part of the changes in my body. I heard a lot of times during my pregnancy that “your body will never be the same” and I can say that is true in some ways and no one can really prepare you for that part until you experience it.



I am thankful to have a lot more to report on the running front. I started at 3 weeks postpartum with a very simple 2 mile treadmill run and I honestly felt better than I thought I would have at first.

First Postpartum Run

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve for me for sure. My body definietly did not feel like it used too but overall it felt good to simply just run again. After I did my first run I began to do a small run every other day from there. I ran 3 short miles for my next run out on the track with my husband.

4 Weeks Postpartum

I’ve been doing a lot of treadmill running mostly just because I have to run while my little one naps. I’m learning really to love the treadmill simply because it allows me to do what I love. It’s different than it used to be but I’m overall feeling well.

During week 4 I am averaging around 4-5 days a week of running plus strength work every day. On the days I run the strength work is a little more and then on the other days it’s smaller. I’m really excited to see how the strength work I am doing will help in the long run to make me feel stronger.

First Postpartum Outdoor Run

Of course, not every run can feel amazing. The above picture was taken after my first run outdoors postpartum, which DID feel amazing. However my body felt off from the very beginning. I was blessed my Mom was up visiting and could watch Easton while I got out and did a run. It was a beautiful day but my body was definietly sleep deprived and I felt far from where I once had been. In fact I told my husband that I felt like I was starting all over again. I know of course that I’m not but my body definietly has a ways to go to build back up.


How I’m Feeling

I can truly say that with each week that passes by I begin to feel better. The first week was a blur due to a small bit of the baby blues, but as the weeks have passed I have become much more confident in myself and am learning to soak in every single baby snuggle. I won’t get these snuggles forever!

I have to say for those who just had a child – hang in there! It does get better even though the first week or two can feel like a completely blur. I’m beginning to get used to the lack of sleep and his schedule a bit. You really never know what one day to the next will bring, but that’s okay it’s a learning process.

1 Month Postpartum Easton

I’m truly enjoying every minute that we spend together, those big blue eyes that stare back at me (exactly like his daddy’s), the small smiles that we only occasionally get, and the excitement of what new things each day will bring. It’s amazing how many new things can happen from one day to the next and I am so blessed to be able experience these with him!

1 month postpartum

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