I am happy to say that day 2 of getting up at 5:00 am to get my run in before week was a success. While I was definitely more tired, I knew once again I really didn’t have much of an option.

This morning I had a workout planned. The original idea was to get up and run to a road about .75 miles from the house that is reasonably lit to do my intervals. I was all set and ready to go, and then the moment I woke up I got scared.

There is something about running in the very early and dark hours of the morning by myself that scares me. I don’t mind it once a little light begins to peak through, but those hours between 5:00 – 6:00 AM I am still not comfortable with.


When I woke up yesterday I realized that if for some reason I started to go out there and chickened out, I wouldn’t end up having the time to do the workout I had on tap. I had limited time, so I opted run on the treadmill. Again.

My goal is to try it this morning when I have an easy run scheduled. That way if I need to turn around and come back it isn’t really that big of a deal. We will see how that goes!


I have all the right precautions taken:

  • No music
  • Found a lit area
  • Even a security station on the road
  • Wes has already checked it out and feels it is safe

However, for some reason I still can’t shake it.

Early morning runners – do you ever feel safe running in the dark of the morning? 

I guess specifically I am curious about the females. My husband has no problem running when it is dark out, but I am always on much higher alert than he is.


Back to the workout! I quickly jotted down on the first piece of paper I could find a break down of all my paces and treadmill conversions. I had a ladder interval workout today and since I know it was 5:00 AM the less I have to remember the better.

Treadmill Workout

Sorry for the grainy photo, it was early and there wasn’t good light.

My workout was: 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, and 400 meter intervals. I did a 400 meter recovery between each of them. Since I was using the treadmill it forced me to stick to the paces I had set. It wasn’t easy, but I got it done!


With the 1.5 mile warm up and then 1.25 mile cool down (had to cut it short for time) I total just a tiny bit over 8.5 miles. Not bad to have completed before 6:30!


I have decided I don’t really like doing workouts on treadmills. Sure there are positives, this was the quickest 8.5 miles have ever gone a treadmill but for some reason I feel like it is easier. The treadmill forces me to go the pace, and it’s pretty hard to just quit running when the treadmill is going that fast to me.

I know that I still got the workout in, but I almost felt like I had help. Treadmills are just a part of training. Some days due to time of day, rain or other bad weather it just has to be that way. I still got the workout in, and that is what matters!


Do you like doing workouts on treadmills?

Morning female runners – do you ever worry for safety when running?





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