There are some nights that just need a little of this.


I had a really hard and long day at work followed by a tough workout so I opted to “cheat” a little bit with a glass of wine.  I truly believe that life is about balance – balancing a healthy lifestyle with occasional things that aren’t so “healthy.”

I want to be the best I can be but sometimes things like this are just needed. This is my favorite local white wine from PA.  It is probably one of the few positive things about living in Erie.  It is delicious and has such a sweet flavor!

I felt guilty for all of about 2 seconds but after that I was completely OK with cheating a little this evening.

I had a pretty good workout. I had to switch things around this week because things are a bit crazier at week. I am basically in charge for the next couple days which means a much later night. I had to opt for my shorter workout tomorrow and my longer harder one today.

I am going to cut this short tonight…its been a long day and I need to relax. Goodnight loves!


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