Femoral Stress Fracture

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[fusion_text]On Thursday, September 19th I finished my tough speed workout and realized something wasn’t right. After a week of complete rest it was determined I had a femoral stress fracture.  I am using this page to document all of my posts about my journey through this injury, as well as a place for others to find information about treatment and recovery.


My Posts on My Femoral Stress Fracture

I Have a Femoral Stress Fracture

An Update on My Stress Fracture Recovery

Week 14 Femoral Stress Fracture Recovery Update

3 Week Running Progress Returning from My Stress Fracture


Recovery/Prevention Posts

My Femoral Stress Fracture Recovery Plan

My Stress Fracture Recovery Supplement and Vitamin Regiment

A Post on Pool Running

Swimming Tips


Additional Posts of Interest

A Response to Your Concerns


External Websites/Information on Stress Fractures (These are websites I have used to learn information on stress fractures and recovery)

Camille Herron: 6 Years of Stress Fractures/Injuries – Staying Motivated and Not Giving Up 

Camille Herron: Overcoming Stress Fractures[/fusion_text]

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