I received product and compensation for my review of the Mizuno Wave Sky. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I truly believe a girl can never have enough running shoes. From my years of running I’ve also discovered that very rarely are any two shoes created equally.  They each have their own unique characteristics that make them stand apart – good or bad.

I’ve tried many Mizuno shoes in the past. You can read some of my previous reviews here:

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They have been a part of my shoe rotation in the past but it’s been quite a while since I’ve found one that I used on a regular basis. That all changed recently when I was given the opportunity to try out the new Mizuno Wave Sky.

This is hands down my favorite Mizuno shoe I have worn to date because to me it has practically everything I look for in a versatile shoe. Whenever I am deciding what shoe to ear I ask myself a couple simple questions:

  1. What type of run am I going to be doing? Easy, long run, tempo, or workout
  2. Does it matter how heavy the shoe is? Easy runs do not but typically on any of the other types I don’t want to be wearing a shoe that feels heavy on my foot.
  3. Will I want to change shoes? Sometimes during workouts I will start my warm up with a heavier shoe and then change down to a light weight trainer for the actual workout itself.

There have been a few occasions where a shoe comes along that works for every type of run. I always make sure to take these shoes when we travel or when I can’t have multiple shoe options. The Mizuno Wave Sky are one of those pairs of shoes.

The first thing I noticed when I put the shoes on was the cushion. I don’t typically like a lot of cushion in my shoe but it is nice to have a little give and bounce when going out for a run. It’s a rarity that you can find a shoe with cushion, that doesn’t feel like a clunker, and is still lightweight – the Mizuno Wave Sky is one of those rare shoes!

I started by wearing these shoes on an easy run and was really surprised with how much I liked them. I felt like I had great bounce while still not weighing down my foot.

The next run I decided to try them out on was actually my first workout during my 5k training. It meant that I needed my legs to go fast. I ended up having to do this run on the treadmill, so I wanted to have something with a little padding but also lightweight. These seemed like the perfect fit. These shoes impressed me again and helped me tackle my first 5k workout!

Also, if you’ve tried Mizuno in the past and are anything like me then one of the more frustrating things about them were the shoe laces. They were too short and had a hard time staying tied. This has been fixed on the Wave Sky and I had no problems with the shoelaces in these shoes!

Now that you know my love for the Mizuno Wave Sky let’s look at them a little more in depth:

  • The Wave Sky is a neutral running shoe.
  • All new Mizuno SmoothRide: New maximum cloudwave technology coupled with full length, articulated U4icX midsole delivers a plush, flexible ride
  • New thicker and premium anatomical sockliner for improved fit and comfort
  • Mizuno DynamotionFit: 3 panel upper construction with skin-like seamless midfoot and minimal forefoot for a disappearing fit

Of all the Mizuno shoes I’ve tried these are by far my favorite. The fit, the feel, and performance all get an A+ and these are going to be a regular addition to my shoe rotation.

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