It’s no secret that my both my husband and I love to run. We don’t run the same amounts, the same paces, or at the same times most days but it’s always been something that we have in common. We work together to support each other.

Before I had Easton, we often got up together at 4:00 AM every morning to get in a run. It was tough but now it isn’t possible. While my husband still gets in his early morning run before going to work, I fit in my runs around E’s nap schedule and day. Sometimes they are broken up into a couple smaller runs to fit in the miles, I just have learned to do what I have to do to get it done.

We haven’t always been runners though. My husband played soccer all through high school and the start of college and I was no athlete growing up. He took up running in college after I met him and in the beginning I thought he was absolutely crazy.

Supporting a spouse who is a runner isn’t always easy. If you are a runner yourself it does make it a bit easier to understand, but doesn’t come without its challenges. Over the years we’ve become better at treating running as a team and work to support each other in any way that we can.

If you are looking for ways to support your runner, or just want to find a way to understand them better here is a few tips that I’ve learned over the years.

Be Understanding of Their Schedule

My husband will always do a long run on Saturday. It doesn’t matter if we are on vacation, have a big event that morning, or it’s snowing he is going to find a way to make that happen. I was the same way but now am more lenient on the day that I do my long run on because my schedule allows it currently. I have come to expect it and work with him to make sure he can get it in regardless.

Join In

My husband and I always try to find a way to be a part of each other’s running when possible.  Don’t enjoy running? Thats ok! There are still ways you can be a part. I obviously can’t keep up with his pace or even mileage most of the time but I still find a way to join in. Sometimes I start the beginning of his run with him, bike along side of him, drive and meet him at spots to give him water. Try to find a simple way to join in, even if it’s not running.


Be Excited About Their Goals

I love setting goals and hitting them, but I also absolutely love watching my husband hit his goals. No matter how crazy your spouses’ goals may sound, be excited for them! Show interest in it for them and help them take small steps to get there. It not only helps you to be a part of their journey but it can also help motivate them when they need a little extra push.


Be at the Finish Line

You may not understand their excitement for running, but I can promise you that it means so much to have your loved ones at the finish line. I have never missed one of my husband’s races and he hasn’t missed one of mine. Even when he is racing the same race he always comes back to cheer me on. Knowing you have someone waiting for you at the finish line can be so motivating when you hit those difficult parts of a race.


Learn About What they Love

Running or really any passion often can seem like your spouse is obsessed, and in some ways they are. That’s ok. I’ve found one of the most important things to do is learn about what they love. You may or may not learn to love it like they do but being able to understand what and why they love something can help you to play a roll in their passions. I can’t tell you how many running websites I read on a consistent basis – Runner’s Connect, Runner’s World, FloTrack – the possibilities are endless.


Help them Have Their Time

This goes along with being understanding of their schedule, but it’s important as a spouse and as a couple that we give each other “our time.” Running for many people is the only time they get to be by themselves. It can also be a very personal thing so I think it’s important to help your spouse find their time. My husband and I work together especially now that we have had our son. I watch E while he is out running (sometimes we tag along in the car or walk in the area he’s in) and then when he is done he watches him while I do my run. We move around runs and change schedules based on what works for each of us. Allowing us to have these times is very important to being supportive of each other and working as a team.


Whether your spouse is a runner or if you are both runners it’s important to help each other to work towards dreams and goals. While you may not fully understand it, supporting their passions can greatly help to bring you closer together.

Support Your Runner

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