This will be the first week where there is no running mileage included. To be honest, it hasn’t been easy. I miss my sweat, I miss my stress release, but I know my body is thanking me in so many ways. I’ve been able to get a lot more done this week and also been able to support my husband more on his runs that I normally would, so it definitely hasn’t been all bad! I wanted to continue documenting my running and pregnancy these last few weeks so we will just keep going with it!

I think knowing that we are SO close to meeting our little man is what keeps me going day in and day out. I really don’t know at this point when he will decide to make his arrival but I can tell you that I am definitely anxiously waiting!

Here is a look at Running and Pregnancy in Week 37


Baby in Week 37 

37 Weeks: This week our little guy is the size of romaine lettuce and is roughly 18.9 inches and 6.17 lbs.

Running and Pregnancy 37 weeks

I think my body changes each and every day at this point! I truly never know how my body is going to feel one day to the next now. Sorry about the weird lighting in this picture. I’m not sure what my phone camera was doing.


Weight Gained: I finally went back to the doctor on Monday and was up about 25-26 lbs. I’m right where I am supposed to be and imagine I’ll be close to 30 by the time I deliver? Not real sure but we will see. I’m not worried about it!


Symptoms: I’m not having anything too bad aside from the pain in my lower back. I am still very exhausted most of the time and still having to give in to about 50-100 mg of caffeine each day.


Food Aversions:  None right now. My stomach has definitely shrunk A LOT and it makes it harder to eat sometimes. I have to eat much smaller meals and more often throughout the day to make sure I am getting in all I need for this little guy to keep growing!


Food Cravings:  I think everything I crave now is just things I know I can’t have. I want sushi so badly!


Sleep:  Sleep is very hit or miss these days. I wake up a lot during the night and can’t seem to get comfortable in bed or temperature wise. I’ve always been someone who is freezing all the time but now all the sudden everywhere I go it’s so warm! Hubby and I are always fighting over the thermostat but I’ve heard that this all starts to level back out postpartum. Fingers crossed because I am not used to this!


Baby Items Purchased: We are DONE! Yes I said it – DONE! We got our swing last weekend and hung the last of the stuff for the nursery (thanks to my parents). I only have one more item, the Rock N Play, to put together and just organize a few things in the closet. We are for the most part ready for him to make his arrival.


Exciting Things Happening This Week:  I’m now at weekly appointments. I don’t know if this is TMI for some of you but I was checked for the first time at 37 weeks and I am roughly a fingertip dilated and 50% effaced. My body is slowly starting to make the changes but I still have a ways to go. It’s exciting to know that my body is slowly starting to change and get ready for delivery.


Looking forward To: Honestly, his arrival! I’m nervous about delivery but I know I have a great support system behind me and I just have to take things a day at a time. I’m trying to enjoy these last few weeks with just my husband and I. He’s finishing up a really long rotation so that’s nice to finally have behind him and the funny thing is he will be on an OB rotation when I deliver!


Running in Week 37

As most of you already know, running has stopped for me during this pregnancy. It was a hard for me but day my day I am focusing on the excitement that is to come and that is helping me not worry too much about it. I’m still having pain but it has gone down some now that I haven’t run in over a week. My goal now is to focus on healing enough to hopefully be pain free before he decides to make his arrival.

Obviously, here is the breakdown but there is no running:

Monday – 0 miles

Tuesday – 0 miles

Wednesday – 0 miles

Thursday – 0 miles

Friday – 0 miles

Saturday – 0 miles

Sunday – 0 miles


I originally was going to start spinning but I am being VERY cautious to make sure my body is recovering so I’ve done a whole lot of nothing aside from just normal day to day walking. For someone who is used to running 6 days a week it is not easy but my focus HAS to be on delivery and postpartum recovery at this point.


Since I can’t run I love to hear about YOUR running to so tell me…

How did your running go this week?

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