It’s hard to believe that I’m already reporting to you all on my recap of running and pregnancy at 36 weeks! As you all know things changed for me this week. It was a hard week both mentally and physically and while I wish it hadn’t turned out the way it did, there isn’t too much I can do about it. I still am going to do my weekly recaps up until I deliver even though there will be less (or no) running involved. After next week I’m hoping to get some spinning back in so I will at least have something to report!

Here is a look at Running and Pregnancy in week 36.


Baby in Week 36


36 Weeks: This week our little guy is the size of a papaya and is roughly 18.7 inches and 5.73 lbs.

36 Weeks Running and Pregnancy recap

It amazes me every single day that we are less than 25 days away from meeting our little man. I’m nervous, excited, and terrified all wrapped up into one. Sorry for the puppy photo bomb – we were multitasking!

Weight Gained: I have my next OB appointment tomorrow so I will have an update for you then. I’m guessing I’m up 2-3 lbs from my last weigh in but we will confirm for sure. I try not to focus on it too much because at this point baby is growing quickly and my body is going to gain the weight that it needs.

Symptoms: I’m still very tired even when I get a good amount of sleep. I think each day I have to really struggle to get through the 9-10 AM hour and then 2-4 PM hours. Those are my worst times and usually at least one of those I have to give into some caffeine. Also obviously I’m having the glute pain which may or may not be a pregnancy symptom. 

Food Aversions: None still so far. I’m hungry a lot of the time and I’ll eat pretty much anything you put in front of me which can be a downfall.

Food Cravings:  Nothing in particular at this point. Junk food is even harder to stay away from but I’m learning to stay away a bit more now that my running is little to none. One healthier food that I am really loving is fruit. I can’t get enough of it so I try to keep a good stash in the house to snack on.

Sleep: Eeek. I feel like sleep has gotten worse this week. It is probably a combination of the pain and just getting uncomfortable. I’m usually up early even on the days where I want to sleep in. I just go with it and try to make it productive, but I really do wish I could get better sleep in these last few weeks before he arrives.

Baby Items Purchased: We are pretty much set! We’ve done some clothes shopping this weekend which is fun and received our MamaRoo Swing as a gift from my parents. My parents came and helped hang some pictures on Friday when I was off and Wes was working. I am going to be doing a nursery tour hopefully very soon! It’s been a slow progress but we are getting there.

Exciting Things Happening This Week:  I’m just excited to get almost everything done and ready to go. The Pack N Play, swing, and Rock N Play are all set up now along with the nursery items. We also got the Glider in this week so we are ready to go!

Looking forward To: I’m looking forward to getting to check on the baby again this week. It’s been a little over my normal 2 weeks because I wanted to get in with the final OB that I haven’t met with yet.


Running in Week 36

This week isn’t going to look like much, but I still wanted to share because I know one day I will want to look back. Plus, I believe in full honesty so even through the good weeks and the bad I want to make a point to share it all.

Here is a breakdown of my running this week:

Monday – 4.20 miles outside

Tuesday – 2.20 miles on the treadmill, 40 minutes spinning

Wednesday – 1.2 miles on the treadmill, 50 minutes spinning

Thursday – Off

Friday – Off

Saturday – Off

Sunday – Off


Monday-Wednesday each run was painful. No matter what I did (foam roll/stretch) there was nothing that would make it better. Spinning didn’t seem to hurt so I’m hoping to be back on the spin bike in about a week. I’m trying to be extra cautious so that I can try and heal up as much as I can before delivery. If it is a sacral stress fracture, I don’t want to have this intense of pain when labor begins.

Running and Pregnancy Spinning at 36 Weeks

This has been a tough week, but thanks to my incredibly supportive husband and friends it has made it easier. In some ways I can see that if this had to happen, this truly was the best time for it.


How did your running go this week?

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